THE BEST OF KITARO WORLD TOUR - Live In Singapore 2024 

After a 7 year hiatus, award-winning Japanese musician Kitaro is returning to Singapore for a 2 days only concert.

The concert will feature iconic songs and fan favorites known throughout Kitaro’s illustrious career. As a special treat, this show will feature music from Kitaro’s illustrious career that will be performed live for the first time.

As Kitaro notes, “For many years, I have always strived to create a memorable and exciting spiritual live concert experience with breathtaking visuals. This time I intended to delve deeper into my past and include music in this tour that I have not performed anywhere previously. I am grateful and appreciative to those in my audiences that have supported me throughout many decades. These performances will reflect my heartfelt delight and appreciation of those many years and many enthusiastic audiences.”

Throughout his musical career, Kitaro has been a groundbreaking artist known for his amazing live performances and music that blurs the lines between many musical genres including classical, jazz, rock, new age and world music.

Kitaro first came to public attention in 1980, when his soundtrack to the critically acclaimed documentary series “The Silk Road: The Rise And Fall Of Civilizations” captivated an international audience. Soon after relocating to America, Kitaro earned his first Grammy nomination in 1987 for “The Field,” a track from the album “The Light Of The Spirit” that was co-produced with Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead.

In 1992, Kitaro took his signature style in a distinctly unique direction on “Dream,” which featured orchestral arrangements and vocals by Yes’ Jon Anderson. In 1994, Kitaro was awarded a Golden Globe, for Best Original Score, for the Oliver Stone film “Heaven & Earth.”

After earning multiple nominations for his work, Kitaro landed his first Grammy Award in 2001 for “Thinking Of You.” Following this, Kitaro produced a number of acclaimed albums and soundtracks that included “Ancient”, “Spiritual Garden”, “Impressions Of The West Lake” as well as “Final Call”, a homage to his lifetime reverence of Nature.

In 2016, Kitaro collaborated with NASA and Kyoto University to create the “Kojiki And The Universe” film which featured time-lapse images and real-time scenes of the Universe expertly intertwined with his music.

Kitaro continues to produce the remaining albums of the Sacred Journey Of Ku-Kai series. His intention behind the series is to shine a light on an inspirational musical message to unify our cultures, consciousness and spiritual growth. A new and untitled live album with accompanying video will be released in late 2024 by Domo Records.

His upcoming immersive show promises to entertain his fans with all his greatest hits including Matsuri, Silk Road, Reimei and many more songs that haven’t been performed live before.

He will be performing at Sands Theatre, Marina Bay Sands on 25th and 26th June 2024 as part of his The Best Of Kitaro World Tour.


Approximately 90 minutes (with no Intermission)

Ticket Price:

*Dynamic pricing applies for this production. 

VIP with Meet & Greet: S$388

A Reserve: S$288

B Reserve: S$248 

C Reserve: S$218    

D Reserve: S$168      

E Reserve: S$128  

VIP Box (4 Seats) with Meet & Greet: S$1552



Ilya Rashkovskiy 

About the artist:

Russian pianist Ilya Rashkovskiy displayed exceptional musical talent from a young age, debuting at eight with the Irkutsk Chamber Music Orchestra. Throughout his remarkable career, Rashkovskiy has earned many accolades from prestigious international competitions, like the Long-J. Thibaud Competition and Hamamatsu International Piano Competition.

From Novosibirsk to Hannover and Paris, Rashkovskiy pursued his musical education, studying under esteemed mentors like Mary Lebenzon. His piano artistry continues to captivate audiences at iconic concert stages worldwide, where he gives solo recitals or collaborates with renowned orchestras, including the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France and the Mariinsky Orchestra.

Beyond his solo career, Rashkovskiy has been a highly sought-after chamber musician, sharing the stage with artists like Gary Hoffman and Bomsori Kim. Since 2015, he has been committed to imparting his knowledge and musical passion as a guest professor at Sungshin Women’s University in Seoul.

About the recital:

Join Rashkovskiy on a musical journey through a rich and varied programme. Mozart’s A minor sonata showcases the composer’s exquisite melodic craftsmanship, elegance and balance. Following this, Rachmaninoff’s Corelli Variations display technical prowess and rich romantic textures while utilising a well-known Baroque theme (‘La Folía’).

Dedicating the second half to Chopin, the 24 Preludes are a collection of miniature, evocative masterpieces that explore a kaleidoscope of emotions. Performing this cycle is no easy feat and requires exceptional stamina and musical maturity from the performer.

This recital promises an unforgettable evening of piano music for all music lovers.


 W.A.MOZART: Piano Sonata No.8 in A minor, K.310

 S.RACHMANINOFF: Variations on a Theme of Corelli, Op. 42

F.CHOPIN: 24 Preludes, Op.28

(Programme subject to change at the artist’s discretion)


俄罗斯钢琴家伊莱亚·拉什科夫斯基(Ilya Rashkovskiy)即将在今年7月5日晚8点(星期五)在新加坡维多利亚音乐厅举办钢琴独奏会。


他的钢琴艺术在世界各地的标志性的音乐会舞台上吸引观众,他曾与法国广播和马林斯基交响乐团等著名乐团合作举办独奏音乐会,也与加里·霍夫曼(Gary Hoffman)和博索里·金 (Bomsori Kim)等艺术家作为室内乐音乐家同台演出。 自 2015 年起他作为首尔诚信女子大学的客座教授,致力于传授他的知识和音乐热情。

这次钢琴独奏会的主题明确:拉什科夫斯基会以莫扎特的《A小调奏鸣曲》 (A minor sonata)为铺垫,展现时代的纷乱与人们的忧郁,精湛的旋律展现了莫扎特的深情与成熟,同时又不忘给人们带来乐观与正能量。

接下来,拉赫玛尼诺夫(Rachmaninoff)的《柯莱里主题变奏曲》 (Corelli Variations)是他在1931年完成的最后一部钢琴独奏作品。他利用了著名的巴洛克主题 (‘La Folía’)为架构,注入自己的罗曼蒂克情怀,以20种不同的情绪,描绘人们在现实生活中百花绽放、及对浮澡社会的控诉……当晚,你将会欣赏到贝希斯坦钢琴丰富的内涵,包满和声及悲状的力量。




只留下你和纯净钢琴音乐, 于维多利亚音乐厅, 享受灵魂与情感的宁静交融。


Ilya Rashkovskiy Piano Recital Singapore 2024 

  • Date: 5TH July 2024 
  • Time: 8pm.
  • Venue: Victoria Concert Hall Singapore 


$18, $38, $58 and $78


Date: 30th August 2024
Time: 8pm.
Venue: Victoria Concert Hall Singapore



George Harliono

About the artist:

“George Harliono is very talented, he’s got a phenomenal career ahead of him.” – Russian pianist Denis Matsuev –

George Harliono, a British-Indonesian concert pianist, soared to new heights in 2023 when he clinched the Silver Medal at the prestigious XVII International Tchaikovsky Competition.

A musical prodigy who debuted at nine, his talent shines with prizes from numerous international competitions, such as the Grand Piano Competition in Moscow and the Sendai International Music Competition. At age fifteen, George also became one of the youngest ever admitted to the Royal College of Music’s BMUS program on a full scholarship.

His acclaimed performances at reputable concert venues worldwide and collaborations with renowned artists like Denis Matsuev and Valery Gergiev have solidified his place among the world’s most promising young pianists. Winning the ‘Best Guest Artist’ at the ‘440 Hz’ awards in 2022 for Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 5 in Moscow is just one testament to his musical brilliance.

About the recital
A perfect symbiosis of music, passion, and piano, the remarkably young pianist George Harliono never fails to deliver awe-inspiring moments on stage. With unique British-Asian roots, he explores and pushes musical boundaries. Whether navigating music in the French elaborate style, evoking the raw emotions of Beethoven, or embracing the oriental exoticism of Glinka’s compositions, George invites the audience to embark on a musical journey with him. Through his performances, George unites humanity and reveals the multi-faceted depths of his versatile musical persona. One is expected to leave his recital feeling sated and fulfilled.


“George Harliono才华横溢,他将前程似锦、令人瞩目。”  ——俄罗斯钢琴家马祖耶夫

年仅23岁的熣灿之星George Harliono是新加坡、印尼和英国共同的儿子, 也是2023年第十七届柴可夫斯基钢琴大赛银奖得主。

音乐神童George Harliono九岁便出道,在莫斯科三角钢琴大赛和日本仙台国际音乐大赛等众多国际比赛中获奖。自他12岁时的协奏曲首演以来,George Harliono便频繁地与多个知名乐团合作,如莫斯科国家交响乐团、马林斯基管弦乐团、鞑靼斯坦国家交响乐团等等。他的音乐才华和热情让他在乐坛崭露头角,成为备受瞩目的音乐新星。

15岁时,George Harliono还成为皇家音乐学院 BMUS 项目有史以来最年轻的获得全额奖学金的学生之一。他在世界各地著名音乐会场上的广受好评的表演以及与丹尼斯·马祖耶夫和瓦列里·捷吉耶夫等著名艺术家的合作巩固了他在世界上最有前途的年轻钢琴家中的地位。 2022 年,凭借贝多芬第五钢琴协奏曲在莫斯科举行的“440 Hz”颁奖典礼上获得“最佳客座艺术家”称号。

去年与爱乐管弦乐团曾来到滨海艺术中心音乐厅演奏其决赛曲目拉赫玛尼诺夫《第二号钢琴协奏曲》后,2024年8月30日将会是George Harliono在维多利亚音乐厅的首次新加坡钢琴独奏会,由新加坡贝希斯坦音乐世界举办。

这场新加坡钢琴独奏会将是音乐、激情和钢琴的完美结合,年轻的钢琴家George Harliono总是能在舞台上带来令人惊叹的时刻。凭借独特的英裔亚洲血统,他不断探索和突破音乐的界限。无论是驾驭法国精致风格的音乐,唤起贝多芬的原始情感,还是拥抱格林卡作品的东方异国情调,又或是巴洛克时期拉莫的细腻……

George Harliono 都邀请听众们与他一起踏上不同音乐时期之旅,从贝多芬…到史特拉文斯基、暨欢乐又纯净心灵的夜晚!


L.V. BEETHOVEN: Sonata Op.31 no 2 ‘Tempest’

  1. Largo-Allegro
  2. Adagio
  3. Allegretto 
M.BALAKIREV: Islamey Op.18
from Pièces de Clavecin
Les Tendres Plaintes
(Rondeau) RCT 3/1
Les tourbillons
(Rondeau) RCT 3/7
Les Cyclopes
(Rondeau) RCT 3/8
from Nouvelles Suites de Pièces de Clavecin
Les Sauvages RCT 6/6
SCHUBERT: 3 Klavierstücke, D. 946 – No. 1 in E Flat Minor
P. I. TCHAIKOVSKY: Dumka in C minor Op.59
Stravinsky/Agosti: 3 movements from the Firebird Suite
  1. Dance infernale
  2. Berceuse
  3. Finale
(Programme subject to change at the artist’s discretion)

George Harliono Piano Recital Singapore 2024 

  • Date: 30th August 2024, Friday
  • Time: 8pm
  • Venue: Victoria Concert Hall Singapore
Duration: Approximate 92 minutes including a 15 minutes Intermission
Tickets are on sale now: 
CAT 1: $78
CAT 2: $58
CAT 3: $38
CAT 4: $18